Napoleon Dynamite And Pedro Are Back In This Burger King Ad

Good luck borrowing a tater tot or two from Napoleon Dynamite. If you ask for some he’ll tell you to “go get your own,” but apparently, Pedro wouldn’t do the same.

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The duo from the unforgettable 2004 “Napoleon Dynamite” movie are back and just as good as ever in a new commercial for Burger King.

The commercial is advertising none other than—cheesy tots. Because the only thing better than Dynamite’s favorite tater tots are ones that have been covered in cheese!

According to the brand’s website, these are the “perfect mixture of warm potatoes and gooey cheese.” And that definitely doesn’t sound bad to me!

The best part of all is that these aren’t quite as you’d imagine them to be. When I hear “cheesy tots” I think, “tater tots smothered in cheese.” Which sounds amazing, but boy, would that be messy to eat!

But, not to worry because Burger King’s thought of everything. These have the cheese on the inside, so they’re still just as popable and eat while you drive as regular old tots. Just genius, huh?

Tater tots combined with cheese is just as good as Dynamite’s favorite animal, the liger (a lion and tiger combo, duh!), so it’s no wonder he and Pedro (a.k.a. Efren Ramirez) signed on to partner up yet again to create this funny ad.

Hello Giggles reports that the tots will only be around for a limited time, so be sure you stuff your pockets full of them before they’re gone! Hey, you never know when you’ll be hungry, after all.

Check out this video, and you’ll be convinced to make a purchase (as if you weren’t already sitting line at in drive-thru):

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Vote for Napoleon, Pedro and cheesy tots. The best way to show your support? Head to your local Burger King, well, like, now!

[h/t: Hello Giggles]