This nearly blind pit bull was given contact lenses to improve her vision

Gremlin, an elderly pit bull, is completely blind in one eye and, until now, had just limited vision in the other. A doggie contact lens has greatly restored her vision and, to hear her parents tell it, she couldn’t be happier about it.

Gremlin the pit bull has faced a lot of adversity. According to TODAY, she was rescued by her parents, Chris and Mariesa Hughes, when she was about 4 years old. Previously, she was forced to dog fight. Since the Hughes rescued her, she’s had a slew of health problems, including near blindness.

According to a Facebook post, Gremlin was given her first contact on May 8. The contacts are good for about one month and, so far, the Hughes can see a drastic change in her vision.

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“She put it in and when I got off the exam table I started walking all around the room, then I made a mad dash for the door and all around the hospital, I dragged Mom outside and all over. Everything was clear and crisp, it’s incredible! Then I saw myself, I haven’t seen myself in so long,” the Facebook post, written from Gremlin’s point of view, reads.

In the past, the Hughes had acquired Doggles for Gremlin: glasses for dogs. But Gremlin’s veterinary ophthalmologist thought contact lens might be a better fit.

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While you may not hear about them often, it’s true: Contact lenses for dogs and cats do exist, and veterinarians turn to them when other options fail to increase vision.

Although cataract removal can be effective, “studies show that dogs with no lenses are farsighted and have relatively poor near vision,” Dr. Olivero told Vet Street. While most dogs can learn to adjust for the farsightedness, in select cases, a contact lens may provide some vision correction.”

Lucky for Gremlin, he was able to get his paws on some contact lenses, and they’ve proven pretty simple to put in and take out as needed.

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In this video, you can see the Hughes have become pros at getting the contact lens in easily. Once it’s in, Gremlin is one happy girl!

It was a special moment for the Hughes when they realized just how well Gremlin could see.

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“The best thing, though, the defining moment, was when she saw herself in the bottom of the door. You know the part where there is a little mirror-like kick plate?” Mariesa Hughes told TODAY. “She lay down in front of it and just stared at herself. It was amazing.”

The Hughes are the founders of The Mr. Mo Project, which works to find senior dogs across the U.S. great homes. To find out more information or to donate to the non-profit to help pooches like Gremlin, visit the website.