Need A Nap During A Layover Or At Your Office? The Sleepbox May Be The Answer To Your Dreams

Don’t you hate when you’re at a public place, like an airport or train station, your flight or train is delayed, and you desperately need a nap?!

I think we can all agree on this… right? Now, instead of finding a spot on the floor or a few empty seats to use as a makeshift bed, Sleepbox may be the answer to your dreams (pun intended).

The Boston-based startup consists of sleep boxes that are compact (4 sq/m) yet efficient. Whether you want to catch a quick nap or just be alone to catch up on work, you can do so in the comfortable-looking, soundproof cabins, complete with electricity, a table, and WiFi. And a bed, of course.

image (22)

They also come in various sizes.

image (20)

“Vending machines have made food affordable and accessible,” said Mikhail Krymov, CEO of Sleepbox. “Sleep is the same as food, in my opinion, so it shouldn’t be that slow for the U.S. to see the value.”

Krymov, a research fellow at MIT, started the company with his business partner, Alexey Goryainov. After experiencing many flight delays, Sleepbox was born.

“It was just a design idea, but then it was published—it was actually published quite a few times—we started receiving requests and orders from all over the world,” Krymov said to BostInno.

The sleep cabins come in all kinds of colors, including these, though companies can choose others, too.

image (17)

Of course, they probably won’t be free. They vary from $5-10 an hour in Europe, according to Krymov. Not bad if it means some sleep, right? After all, a cup of coffee could run you $5, and wouldn’t some extra sleep be more productive than a caffeine rush?

The sleep cabins could be set up anywhere from the aforementioned airports and train stations to hotels and corporate offices. (I know I’d love these at my job!)

Sleepbox has taken off in Europe.

image (18)

Here’s a Sleepbox hotel in Russia.

image (19)

Krymov is relaunching Sleepbox now in the U.S. In the next few months, it’ll premiere in Boston. Let’s hope it’ll come to more cities soon.

“I really want people to be more happy, productive and healthy by having enough sleep, and hope that our solution will help,” Kyrmov said.