This Is Why You Need To Download The Latest iPhone Update Now

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It’s a daily battle many iPhone users face all too frequently. You notice your child or pet doing something extraordinarily cute, rush to cue up your camera on your iPhone, and only then do you get that dreaded screen informing you that there’s not enough space to take a photo. 

So then you frantically start deleting older photos, maybe even an unused app or two, but by the time you go through all of these steps, your little tyke or your dog or cat has moved on to something else. And the opportunity to take the cutest photo ever (or, even worse, a milestone video of your child’s first smiles or steps) has turned into a moment filled with frustration.

Thankfully, Apple heard our angst and rolled out a new feature in the latest iOS 10.3 software update. Replacing their outdated system used to store photos, files and other gigabyte-sucking things on your phone, the company introduced APFS, or Apple File System.

This new and efficient software rolled into the latest update will not only help you conserve space, but also help prevent crashes while increasing the security on your phone.

Now, as with any new software update, it’s recommended that you back up your phone prior to installing. We know that’s something that is typically recommended, but this time, it’s imperative. With the introduction of the new Apple File System, there have been reports that the new software could inadvertently delete some of your files.

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So go ahead and just take that precautionary step of backing up your phone to either to your iCloud or to your computer before even thinking about tapping that “Install Now” button, or you might end up losing all of those adorable photos. And no one wants that to happen.


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