You Need This Fruit Chute In Your Kitchen

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Now that it’s officially summer, more and more delicious fruit is going to be in season. So, of course you’re going to want to stock up on it at the store. But, where are you going to keep it all?

Well, this spiral fruit basket, a.k.a fruit chute, is the perfect solution to storing those fruits that you won’t refrigerate without taking up too much counter space.

Adding this piece to your kitchen will allow you to stack fruit vertically and make it really easy to dispense. No more fruit bowls for you! Oh no, this is the new, hip way to display your fruit.

It’s available on Amazon. This gadget will easily hold your apples, oranges, grapefruit and more, so go on and rack up on some fresh produce. You wouldn’t want your fruit chute to go empty now, would you?

And if you’re really liking the whole idea of having your fruit easily stored on your counter and dispensed in a single serving, Then check out these other fruit storing options.


Chef Buddy Fruit Chute, $10.29, Amazon



Chef Buddy Curved Fruit Chute, $9.19, Amazon



TableCraft Curved Fruit Basket, $24.49, Amazon

Might as well have one of these on every available countertop in your kitchen, right? I think so!