Why you need to restart your router on a regular basis

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Life is substantially simpler with the invention of wireless internet. Of course, computers and the internet in general (even when wires were involved) definitely started a technological revolution, but being able to get online anywhere, at any time, has completely changed the way we live our lives.

But that doesn’t mean that having wireless internet is uncomplicated. In fact, knowing the best place to put your router, the best brands to buy, and yes, even knowing how and when to reset your router are all crucial pieces of information for anyone with a wireless connection.

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You probably know you need to reset your router when the internet goes out, but here’s some news about routers that may surprise you: In order to get the most out of your wireless router you should be resetting it regularly! Yes, even when it’s not necessarily giving you trouble. 

We know what you’re thinking —”Why should I have to reset my router when it’s working fine?” Well, a router is a lot like a computer. It uses memory, a processor and an operating system. So just like you’re supposed to shut down and restart your laptop on a regular basis, you should do the same with your router.

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What’s more, internet service providers usually provide temporary IP addresses to the devices you connect to the internet. That means your phone’s or iPad’s IP address could change at any moment, and if your router doesn’t get the memo, that can slow things down. When you restart the router, it can get back in sync with your devices.

Think of restarting your router like flossing your teeth or changing the oil in your car — it’s just one of those things you need to do on a regular basis to keep everything in good working order.

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But if you’re noticing a recurring issue with your router’s performance or regularly experience internet outages, you might want to consider some other solutions as well.

For example, an outlet timer is a cheap way to automatically reset your router every so often, and should reduce the number of problems you have.

Or consider installing a WiFi mesh kit, which helps distribute your internet signal more evenly throughout your house. 

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What are your favorite tricks for improving technology around the house?