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You Need To Try These Beer And Wine-Flavored Lollipops

Yes, please!

We, as a nation, love our beer. And we also love sweets.

Knowing this, the geniuses at Lollyphile, a gourmet lollipop company, came up with the idea to combine the two, making beer-flavored lollipops.

Now, Lollyphile has created just about every flavor lollipop you could imagine over the years. From pizza to green tea to bacon, you name a flavor and chances are this company’s turned it into a lollipop. With over 30 beautifully bizarre flavors already created, Jason Darling, owner of Lollyphile, said that beer lollipops had been on the company’s radar for years.

Darling elaborated on the beer collection to

“We tried our best to stay true to each of these varieties, Stout being big and dark, IPA being hoppy as hell, and Lager based on our favorite Pilsner. It was, to say the least, a very fun flavor-matching experience. We came out of the whole process with a whole new appreciation for the subtleties of beer. And also with the beginnings of beer bellies.”

We certainly wouldn’t have minded being a part of this taste-testing process. So what beer-flavored lollipops did the company eventually decide to offer?

You can enjoy a Lager Beer Lollipop, which Lollyphile describes as “The King of Lollipops! A real banquet lollipop! An All-American slam-dunk barbecue apple pie lollipop.”


Or an IPA Beer Lollipop. Lollyphile says they kept the true hops enthusiasts in mind when creating this flavor.


The Stout Beer Lollipop offers hints of chocolate.


Beer isn’t the only alcoholic flavor Lollyphile has dabbled in. You can find a wide collection of wine-flavored lollipops and an impressive selection of cocktail-inspired lollipops on their website as well, from a Merlot Lollipop to a White Russian Lollipop.

These unique lollipop flavors can only be purchased through Lollyphile. They will set you back about $8, but how often do you get to try a beer or wine flavored lollipop?