Nerf is now making a foam blaster inspired by ‘The Mandalorian’


Move aside lightsaber replicas, because it’s time for a realistic-looking Mandalorian Nerf gun.

The popular Disney+ “Star Wars” prequel “The Mandalorian” has spun off a legion of related items for purchase, particularly “Baby Yoda” merch. But the show’s bounty hunter, Din Djarin, is getting some love too.

A Nerf replica of his Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster is over 4 feet long and carefully detailed to look like the show’s gun with “aging” effects on the handle. It has an illuminated scope, sound effects and 10 Nerf darts, and it comes in a collectible gun box. At $110.99 on Amazon, it better be realistic-looking!


The Verge thinks this may be the longest Nerf blaster ever made. While you can’t actually vaporize or electrocute your backyard Nerf war opponents, you can load the weapon and shoot at them with the signature soft foam Nerf pellets. (And provide your own sound effects, or use the gun’s built-in sound effects — two batteries are required.)

If you do order this Mandalorian Nerf gun, know that it won’t be shipped until October 2021. But that’ll give you time to re-watch the first two seasons of the show and practice your shooting stance in the meantime. And it’ll come in plenty of time for the debut of the third season. Just make sure to pre-order before Dec. 31, 2020, to get on the list.

Also available for pre-order is The Black Series Mandalorian Helmet with a “removable tactical light” and interior lights from Hasbro. It’s $119.99 and will be released on Aug. 1, 2021. Hasbro is also offering Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber from the second season for pre-order, along with other high-quality replicas from the series.

You can also buy other Star Wars Nerf blasters and darts, including a Nerf Star Wars Imperial Death Trooper Deluxe Dart Blaster that glows in the dark.

What do you think? Is a spot-on Nerf replica of the Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster worth a buy? Or are you sticking with your “The Child” plush?

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