Netflix Just Trolled 53 Of Its Users In A Hilarious Tweet

If you’ve ever wondered, “Does Netflix know I watched all of “The Crown” in one day?’, the answer is—oh, they do. And they might just be judging you as much as you’re judging yourself.


Sure, watching an entire season of a show in one day or the same movie an embarrassing amount of times is normal nowadays because, hey, you don’t even have to move from the couch thanks to streaming. And this time of year, it’s also totally appropriate to watch some insanely cheesy, but somehow awesome, Christmas movies over and over again.

Or, so we thought.

After releasing “This Year in Bingeing,” a look back at what we all watched (and watched again) in 2017, Netflix—the inventors of binge-watching—found 53 customers they say are taking the whole ‘there’s only one month a year I’m not weird for watching Christmas movies all the time’ thing a bit too far.

In a tweet, they hilarious trolled the Netflix subscribers for watching one of their own movies an embarrassing amount of times—every day for 18 days, to be exact.

LOL, Netflix!

If you’re a fan of Hallmark’s Christmas films, let’s just say “A Christmas Prince” sounds like a must-watch. The movie, which is brand new to Netflix, is about a reporter who goes undercover as a tutor to get the inside scoop on a prince, but, of course, ends up falling in love.

Check out the trailer:

Reactions to the tweet are mixed, with some people finding it amusing and others now paranoid about Netflix knowing what they’re up to.

Netflix joked that they just wanted to make sure those who watched it were OK and they’re obviously collecting data beyond just “A Christmas Prince,” but some people remained a little weirded out.


The rest of the results are a little more what you’d expect—except for the person who’s watched “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” 365 days in a row (!!!). Netflix called them out too, but this time said it’s rather impressive considering the average member watched around 60 movies on Netflix this year.

When it comes to the shows customers watched for more than two hours a day, “American Vandal” is at the top of the list, followed by “3%” and “13 Reasons Why.” While it was still super popular, “The Crown” was watched, on average, for less than two hours per day, as were some other Netflix only shows like “GLOW” and “Ozark”.

The rest of the results were compiled in an infographic with tidbits like the biggest streaming day of the year was Jan. 1, Mexico is the country with the most people watching Netflix per day and Netflix members around the world watched more than 140 million hours per day—a little more one billion hours per week!


If you’re one of the 53 people Netflix mentioned(don’t worry, they didn’t name names!), or think you’ll be making a Netflix list for your habits soon, don’t worry. We’re all right there with you and, in the end, who cares anyway, right? Watch whatever you want—as many times as your heart desires!