Netflix released ‘A Christmas Prince’—an original film just for the holidays


Ahhh…the holidays. Cookies, hot chocolate and the most important piece of it all: low-budget Christmas movies. For those of us who have done away with cable and no longer get the beloved Hallmark Channel, do not despair. Netflix has what you need with “A Christmas Prince.”

“A Christmas Prince” has everything you crave in those so-bad-they’re-good holiday movies: A handsome man! Someone lying about their true identity! An easy-to-hate antagonist! A Christmas miracle! And the internet couldn’t agree more:

Here’s the general plot: A young journalist travels to European country Aldovia to learn about the prince who is set to take the throne. When he doesn’t show up at the press conference, she decides to take matters into her own hands and sneak into the castle. Cue dramatic sneaking around music! She is quickly discovered and mistaken for the new tutor. Of course she plays along to get “the big scoop.” I won’t spoil the rest, but here are some questions you may be asking yourself, and I promise you will learn the answers:

  • Will someone discover her true identity?
  • Why didn’t the prince show up that day?
  • Does she even know how to be a tutor?
  • Will this story be the beginning of a lucrative writing career?
  • Will she and the prince fall in love?
  • Will someone try to get in the way of that love?

To fully understand “A Christmas Prince,” it’s important to look at the IMDB rating breakdown:

While females under the age of 18 rate this movie much higher than their male counterparts, in other age categories, men rate the movie about the same as females. It just goes to show that “A Christmas Prince” appeals to all demographics (but especially men and women over 45, apparently). It’s for you, it’s for me, it’s for us all. Take a look:

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