Are you the ultimate Disney fan? Try the Disney edition of ‘Never Have I Ever’

Oh boy! It’s time to dig up all of your favorite Disney memories. Do you have that once-in-a-lifetime photo in front of Cinderella’s castle? Is there a Mickey Mouse watch you insist on wearing to work? Well gawrsh! Let the quest for the ultimate Mouseketeer begin!

Disney fans of all ages can now try out the Disney “Never Have I Ever” game posted on the Disney Dorks Facebook page. In this game, you don’t actually want any points. Instead, you score one point for everything you’ve never done. Savvy?

Check out the list of 50 Disney-related trips, adventures or experiences below. Much of what you see does require a trip to some sort of Disney park: riding the “mountains” of Magic Kingdom, visiting Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room and staying until the park has closed!

Haven’t been to a Disney park? Hakuna Matata! There are so many ways to prove your Disney addiction beyond the vacations. For example, if you’ve ever worn a Disney Halloween costume (and who hasn’t?), you’re on the right track. Have you had the line, “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me,” stuck in your head? That’s one less point for you!

Here’s how the scoring works:

  • 0-8: You are at Walt level and a true Disney legend.
  • 9-20: You’re at Mickey level and you certainly know your way around Disney.
  • 21-30: At Donald level you have a little more work to do. What’s the big idea!?!
  • 31-40: This is Goofy level and you’re off to a good start.
  • 41-50: You’re at Pete level so you better get moving!

Need Some Help Translating?

Even to someone who once dreamed of becoming a Disney princess, I scratched my head at a few items on the list. I have my own Disney research to do! For now, here’s some clarification.

#42  Attended a Rope Drop?

The rope drop is for the early risers who get to the park when it opens. They actually get to see the rope drop. Who knew?

disneyland photo
Getty Images | Handout

#20 Watched the Citizens of Hollywood?

This sounds like so much fun! The Citizens of Hollywood is an improv acting troupe that brings the silver screen to the streets of Disney.

#44 — Ate a Kitchen Sink Dessert?

This looks dangerous and tantalizing. The Kitchen Sink dessert served at Disney’s Beach Club resort is served in a ginormous bowl with more than 25 sugary ingredients.

Are You Magically Inspired?

If this game has you planning your next Disney trip, we can’t blame you! It’s a great Disney bucket list. Here are some other tools to help you escape from reality, and maybe improve your score.