Never Lose Your Luggage Again With This Clever Idea

Now, we’ve all heard of the different ways you can identify which luggage is yours in the airport. Colorful ribbon on the handle, a belt around the entire suitcase, or brightly colored luggage (instead of the standard black).

This man’s solution to a common problem is absolutely brilliant. He took his photo and put it on the exterior of his suitcase. Now no one will mistake it for theirs.

Is also a shrine to your former self

So where can you get one of these for yourself? Simply venture over to Luggage Pros. They offer custom suitcases in various sizes: 2o-inch carry-on, and 24 and 28-inch checked bags. Made out of Polycarbonate and 360 degree spinning wheels, they cost between $149.00 – $209.00.

Marketed as a way to remember family vacations or for corporate travel, I love how this man took it to the next level.

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