Never Sleep Too Late Again With These 5 Alarm Clocks

Everyone has those mornings. You know the ones— where your bed feels too good to want to leave it?  Some of us (me) may have mornings like that more often than not, and if that’s the case, here are 5 alarm clocks that are sure to get you moving.

Some of these are pleasant to wake up to. Others, I’d probably like to smash or take the batteries out after a while, but they definitely get the job done. You can decide what type works best for you based on how much you love your bed in the mornings.

From brewing coffee for you to making you take a #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie (yes, really) these alarm apps and gadgets are sure to help you begin your day (without 10 snooze sessions). Have a great morning!

Selfie Alarm Clock

The Snap Me Up app makes you take a selfie to get the alarm to shut off. That brings a whole new definition to “I woke up like this,” but it’s sure to make you want to get out of bed, for better or worse.

Coffee Alarm Clock

Now, this clock that starts brewing coffee as soon as the alarm goes off actually sounds like the perfect thing to wake up to. A cup of coffee instead of a snooze? Don’t mind if I do!

Mission Alarm Clock

Turn waking up into gameplay with this alarm clock that makes you complete a task, like solving a math problem, in order to turn the alarm off. This honestly sounds awful, but it would surely have me not wanting to go back to bed, and I guess that is the goal, after all.

Pillow Alarm Clock

An alarm clock that vibrates your pillow? Yeah, that seems like the kind of thing that would have me wanting to get out of bed rather than burrow back into my pillow— only to get shaken awake again.

Hide and Go Seek Alarm Clock

Once this alarm goes off, this clock, with its very own set of wheels, becomes mobile and “hides” from you. Good luck sleeping in when you’re alarm clock’s on the run.

Love it or hate it, these alarms do their jobs, and they do them well!


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