You may never spill another french fry in your car with this holder

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Texting and driving is dangerous, but did you know that eating while controlling a motor vehicle can distract you as well? Taking your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel to dig through a fast food bag or unwrap a taco is all the time it takes for an accident to occur.

In a perfect world, we would all wait to eat until we got to wherever we were going or stop and dine inside of a restaurant. But this is real life. Some days, you barely make it out the door with a few minutes to spare. If you don’t eat in your car, you might not eat at all.

Finding less dangerous ways to eat on the run is the key and this handy French fry holder is an ideal place to begin. Not only can it help you be a safer driver, but it can keep your ride cleaner, as well.


The plastic accessory fits into any standard console cup holder, so you can munch in your car, truck or motor home. It is designed to hold fry containers of all sizes used by most fast food chains, so go big if you’re hungry. You will know right where to reach for those golden, crispy potato slivers without taking your eyes off the road.

If you are not a fan of fries (is that even possible?), the container can also hold things like awkward-shaped juice boxes and pouches, crayons and pens, or your cell phone. Better yet, give it as a gift to a French fry lover in your life.

According to some recent tweets, they tend to be well received.

Just think: You can stay safe while you throw a munch, keep your car free of random fries under the seats or give a friend a thoughtful gift for $7.99. It’s even eligible for free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

Now we just need a ketchup holder to go with it.

What are you waiting for?