This App Lets You Buy Leftover Food From Restaurants For Cheap

Food waste is a huge issue, especially in restaurants, and one app is seeking to change that.

Too Good To Go, a Europe-based app, allows users to order leftover food from restaurant, cafes, and bakeries at a discounted price. Users just log in and choose a restaurant, then they’re given designated times — usually close to closing or after peak times — during which they can come pick up their food.

These meals end up costing between $2.60 and $5, and although users can’t choose exactly what they want to order, they get an idea of what type of food is offered.

The app is available in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, France, Norway and Britain, and has saved nearly 100,000 meals from going to waste since its launch in Denmark in October 2015. Users also have the option to donate money to give meals to people in need, and according to their website, over 1,000 meals have been donated in the U.K. since it launched there this year.

We waste between 30-40 percent of all the food we produce worldwide, so the news that Too Good To Go is expected to arrive in the U.S. before the end of the year is a good sign.