These New Photos From The Upcoming ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Remake Are Truly Magical

FINALLY we have a first-look at Disney’s upcoming “Beauty and the Beast” live-action film, coming to theaters in March 2017. The first-look trailer for the film was incredible, but left us with so many questions!

Thankfully, Entertainment Weekly has provided us some answers to these questions, and we couldn’t be happier! From seeing Emma Watson, who stars as Belle, in Belle’s iconic yellow dress, to getting a first look at Dan Stevens as the Beast, we are in pure awe. Also featured in the photos is the rest of the gang from the Beast’s castle: Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere and everyone’s favorite feather duster, Plumette. And of course “Beauty and the Beast” wouldn’t be complete without Luke Evans as Gaston, and Josh Gad, as his sidekick, Le Fou.

Check out the photos below from EW for an exclusive first look at the upcoming film!

So… is it March yet? Because we can’t wait any longer! Until then we’ll just be staring at these photos.

[h/t: The Huffington Post]