This New Breast Pump Is A Game Changer For Women

If you have ever used or witnessed a breast pump in action, you could instantly recognize the rhythmic sound of the motor and suction because chances are it has haunted your dreams long after the milk dried up.
And, if the sound is haunting, the sight of a traditional breast pump at work resembles a medieval torture device, or at the very least a Madonna video gone terribly wrong.

I can still remember helping a friend register for baby products as she stopped dead in her tracks in the pumping aisle staring wide-eyed at the “hands-free” pumping bra.

“The least sexy, but most amazing article of clothing you will ever own,” I said shaking my head and scanning the UPC for her – knowing all to well the adventures of a pumping, working mom.

New York Times

Well, all of that loud, shirt-less nonsense is about to change, thanks to Samantha Rudolph and Jared Miller, parents to an 8-month-old boy and founders of Babyation, a St. Louis-based startup.

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Their flagship product is a “revolutionary” breast pump that offers a more quiet, comfortable and discreet experience for nursing moms.  Check it out!

babyation pump

Inspiration to build a better breast pump came from an article Rudolph read in the New York Times titled “Shouldn’t the Breast Pump Be as Elegant as an iPhone and as Quiet as a Prius by Now?”

Knowing they could do better, Rudolph and Miller created the Babyation pump with breast shields designed to mimic the feel of a nursing baby.

Bonus: it emits a much quieter sound than many existing products. Instead of hanging off the mother’s breasts, the bottles for the Babyation pump collect milk through long (disposable, for now) tubes.

This gives women the option to keep their shirts on while pumping and can lessen the need for a private space – no more hiding in a closet, bathroom stall or back seat of your car.

babyartion suction

The Babyation pump is high-tech too – it comes with an app, where moms can adjust the speed and suction of the pump and keep track of how much milk each breast expresses and a whole lot more.

As of now, Rudolph and Miller have created a functional prototype for the pump, approved by a pediatrician and lactation consultant. In order to finalize the design and manufacture the product, they launched a Kickstarter campaign.  Check out this video to learn more, and marvel at this game-changing pump.