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Bruce Springsteen Is Releasing A New E Street Band Album And Going On Tour

This is so exciting! Here is what we know so far:

Good news, Bruce Springsteen fans! Not only is The Boss releasing a solo album on June 14, but he and the E Street Band are working on another album as well.

What’s more, the classic rock band plans to go on tour in 2020 to promote the new material.

“I’ll record with the E Street Band in the autumn, and when we are done, we’ll go on tour [in 2020],” Springsteen revealed to Italian news site Repubblica. “About a month or so ago, I wrote almost an album’s worth of material for the band.”

Springsteen has been very busy in recent years. “Springsteen on Broadway” (which earned over $55 million) ran for over a year and won critical and commercial acclaim, as well as a special Tony award for Bruce himself.


Considering Broadway fans were willing to shell out around $500 per ticket to see Springsteen on the Great White Way, you can expect his reunion with the E Street Band to be equally popular and profitable.

His new album, “Western Stars,” will also include a short backstage film which was filmed at Springsteen’s house, where the album was recorded. The new songs are an ode to the American West.

Despite the 70-year-old’s musical expertise and creative genius in the recording studio, he admitted that penning a new album for the E Street Band was no easy feat.


“I’ve spent about seven years without writing anything for the band,” Springsteen told Martin Scorcese in a recent interview. “I couldn’t write anything for the band. And I said, ‘Well, of course … you’ll never be able to do that again!'”

“And it’s a trick every time you do it, you know?” he continued. “But it’s a trick that, because of that fact that you can’t explain, cannot be self-consciously duplicated. It has to come to you in inspiration.”

We have no doubt the new E Street Band songs will be very inspired indeed!