New ‘Cards Against Humanity’ Focuses On The Funny Struggles Of Being A Parent

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Cards Against Humanity is one of the most popular card games today.  It’s been the number one ranked item in the Amazon toys and games category for a very long time.

Wayan and Amy Vota have always enjoyed playing the game, but felt it didn’t speak to them as parents.  That’s why they’ve created a new version called Kinder Perfect (the Card Against Humanity for parents).  The game has 200 cards and is designed in way that relates perfectly to the highs and lows of being a parent.

According to Huffington Post, the couple found real-life inspiration while raising their two children. Examples include “why is mommy mad?” or “what is that smell?”

The couple also looked to their friends and family for other ideas.  They even are taking suggestions from other parents via their online form. If your idea makes it in the final deck of cards, they will give you a free set.

To raise the money so they can produce the game, the Votas have launched a Kickstarter campaign.  Their goal is to raise $12,000 over the next 27 days. The hope to have the game available this fall on Amazon.