You can now buy Chips Ahoy! Reese’s Pieces cookies


The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is arguably one of the greatest food mash-ups ever. I would personally argue it’s better than any others, including peanut butter and jelly.

Nabisco apparently agrees because the company has once again partnered with another iconic American brand to bring us a cookie creation that’s chock-full of peanut butter and chocolatey goodness.

Chips Ahoy! Reese’s Pieces cookies are exactly as they sound crunchy Chips Ahoy! cookies with the addition of mini Reese’s Pieces. The cookie collaboration will be available at retailers nationwide beginning this month for around $2.95 per pack.


The new Reese’s Pieces cookies join the existing Chips Ahoy!-Reese’s combo cookies, which Chips Ahoy! celebrated on Twitter earlier this year, on Jan. 24 (aka National Peanut Butter Day).

If peanut butter isn’t your thing, Chips Ahoy! is also making its chocolate chip cookies with chunks of Hershey’s milk chocolate.

These cookies combine the smooth taste of Hershey’s milk chocolate with the classic Chips Ahoy! cookie.


If you’re staying inside due to the COVID-19 pandemic or simply prefer to make your cookies in your own kitchen, you can bake your own versions of the Chips Ahoy!-Reese’s Pieces cookies by simply adding Reese’s Pieces into the batter. And if you really want to taste some peanut butter, throw in a few scoops of the nut butter when mixing it up.

If you’d rather have Reese’s Pieces cupcakes, check out this recipe for Double Reese’s Cupcakes. You’ll need other ingredients like devil’s food cake mix and regular-sized peanut butter cups, but the recipe only takes 20 minutes to whip up!

Or, for a totally different dessert experience, check out the latest offering from Oreo, which features the classic sandwich cookies with glittery pink and green creme to celebrate the upcoming release of the “Trolls World Tour” film!


Will you be trying some new sweet treats on the market this spring?

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