This New Device Helps Wheelchair Users Get Around More Easily

Matia Robotics

An innovative new device is making it easier for people with walking disabilities to move around.

The new motorized device, called the Tek Robotic Mobilization Device, doesn’t replace a traditional wheelchair, but it does give wheelchair users another option for getting around.

It looks a bit like a Segway and allows people with disabilities to move around in an upright, standing position. Plus, the device, made by Matia Robotics, comes with a remote control so that users can bring the device closer to them effortlessly and drive it away when they’re not using it.

“As a mandatory daily exercise, paraplegic people must stay in a standing position for approximately one hour every day,” according to the Matia Robotics website. “This exercise is of vital importance for preserving the body’s health. Existing devices for standing up are either very slow or require too much effort. In contrast, it is very easy and quick to stand up and sit down with Tek Robotic Mobilization Device.”

The device contains a suspension system that makes it easy for users to stand up with just a gentle pull. They can use the device on their own, without help from others, which means they can be more independent.

Unlike traditional wheelchairs, which require users to hoist themselves to the front of the chair, the Tek device can be boarded easily from the back.

Matia Robotics

The device holds users in place, which means their hands are free for tasks such as cooking, cleaning and ironing.

“Additionally the user can enjoy being at eye level with other people in his/her daily life,” according to the Matia Robotics website.

It’s also smaller than a traditional wheelchair, taking up one third of the space, which makes it easier for users to travel in narrow areas.

“They can also reach places in their home and offices, which is not possible with any other device,” notes to the website.

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