Disney just opened a home decorating store, and it is amazing

For Disney fans looking to take their love to the next level, consider packing your backs and heading out to California. Because on Feb. 14, a new Disney Home store opened at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney district. And for those who love both Disney and home decor, what could possibly be more exciting?

This new retail location gathers some of the most popular home items found in Disney parks around the world and puts them into one convenient, one-stop shop, located in the updated Downtown Disney District in Anaheim, California — a massive entertainment and retail destination where guests can take a break from the thrills of the theme parks.

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Disney celebrated the grand opening of the new retail location with a fun ribbon-cutting ceremony. YouTuber DAPs Magic was on hand and shared the ceremony with fans:

What will Disney fans find at the new Disney Home store? According to the official Disney Parks Blog, the store “offers fans a variety of Disney-themed home-related treasures from glass wear [sic] to linens, kitchen goods and more. The curated assortment of home goods available will change with each season.”

But let’s get specific, shall we?

How about a lovely Beauty and the Beast place setting? Everything from dinner and salad plates to bowls and linens are available:

Disney Parks Blog

Disney has also made it possible to add that special, magical touch to any other room of the home. Look at these accessories! Peter Pan fans will love the pillow and matching accessories, all of which capture NeverNeverLand adorably:

Disney News

And who could forget the big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse? Mickey mega-fans will flip out at what they find at the Disney Home store:

Disney News

And, of course, you can’t have Mickey Mouse without his Minnie. As you can see, she’s well represented, too. I’m drooling over those polka-dotted canisters!

Even our furry friends can get a touch of Disney magic from the new Home store! YouTubers NateBriAP took a tour of the store and showed off just a few of the selections from the pet section.


Some people are jumping for joy over having one store with all the Disney home goods you can imagine.

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However, regular park-goers, such as NateBriAP in the video above, noticed that most of the items found at Disney Home could be found in park gift shops. And commenters on the Disney Parks Blog wondered why there are few (if any) store exclusives.

“Disney desperately needs to have some exclusives in some locations,” wrote Robert on Disney Parks Blog. “Having literally every item available in at least ten stores, and also online, makes almost nothing special in the Parks stores anymore. Most of the best items are either on Shop Disney, or at places like Box Lunch.”

The newest store that will be taking all my money. Don’t tell my husband. #disneyhome

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As a Disney fan, I kind of like the idea of having one place to find all of these type of items. I don’t like having to go back and try to find that one piece I stumbled upon at a store at one of the parks. However, I also agree that it would be ideal for Disney Home to have their own exclusive line to make the shopping experience there unique.

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What are your thoughts? Would you decorate a room in your home (or entire home, for that matter) in a Disney theme? What would you choose? Let us know!