You can get a box of decadent chocolates inspired by Dunkin’ Donuts

The Dunkin' Box O' Chocolates from Frankford Candy looks like a box of doughnut holes and features creme-filled candies inspired by the chain's pastries.
Frankford Candy

After the release of hot chocolate bombs and iced coffee-flavored jelly beans, Dunkin’ is once again teaming up with Frankford Candy for a new treat this holiday season.

Packaged in a box that resembles the one used to hold Dunkin’ Munkchkins doughnut holes, the new Dunkin’ Box O’ Chocolates includes 12 individually wrapped doughnut-shaped chocolates loaded with one of three fillings: Boston Kreme, Brownie Batter or Chocolate Creme.

The Boston Kreme flavor is made with a milk chocolate shell and chocolate and vanilla cream filling, while the Brownie Batter flavor is a milk chocolate shell with a Brownie Batter-flavored cream filling inspired by Dunkin’s Valentine’s Day limited-time doughnut. The Chocolate Creme candy has a white chocolate shell with a milk chocolate cream filling.

You can find them in stores now, including Walmart, Target, Publix, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and Five Below at a suggested retail price of $6.99. You can also find them on Frankford Candy’s website for $15 for a two-pack.

Frankford Candy

Along with the new sweet treats, Dunkin’ Hot Chocolate Bombs are returning for the holiday season and include two new flavors: Dunkaccino and Spicy.

The new Dunkaccino bomb is inspired by the signature Dunkin‘ coffee of the same name and combines the flavors of coffee and hot chocolate-flavored Belgian milk chocolate. The Spicy bomb features a rich Belgian milk chocolate shell with hints of spice. All Dunkin’ Hot Chocolate Bombs, which also include milk chocolate and mint flavors, include mini marshmallows.

You can find the Dunkin‘ Dunkaccino Hot Chocolate Bomb at H-E-B, Rite Aid and Ross stores, while the Spicy Hot Chocolate Bomb will be sold at H-E-B, Ross and Hy-Vee stores. All varieties are priced at $3.99 each in-store, but if you can’t find them in a store near you, you can order a 12-pack of each flavor for $55 each from Frankford Candy and use them as stocking stuffers.

Frankford Candy

While you’re shopping on Frankford Candy’s website, you can also order a pack of Dunkin’ iced coffee-flavored jelly beans, which are also sold on Amazon for $8.50 a bag

The Dunkin’ jelly beans come in Toasted Coconut, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Caramel Latte and Butter Pecan flavors that are similar to the chain’s menu of iced coffees.


Are you excited to try any of these coffee-inspired treats this holiday season?

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