New Eggo waffle flavors are inspired by rich desserts

Eggo strawberry cheesecake, tiramisu waffles

If your mornings could use a bit more joy, Eggo’s newest waffle flavors are dessert-inspired to help start your day on a sweet note.

The brand’s new Strawberry Cheesecake and Tiramisu Belgian-style Thick & Fluffy waffles are inspired by classic flavors you’d usually find after dinner, but are giving us an excuse to enjoy them for breakfast instead.

Made with a rich and creamy cheesecake flavor, the Strawberry Cheesecake Waffles can be served on their own, with syrup or if you want to enjoy them as an actual dessert, you can fill the crispy, deep pockets with whipped cream and berries, as the packaging suggests.


The tiramisu waffles transform the classic Italian treat into something you can pop into the toaster, with cocoa and roasted coffee flavors loaded into the waffles. Eggo suggests either enjoying them on their own, with syrup, whipped cream or by filling the pockets with ice cream for an evening waffle a la mode treat — or a decadent brunch option.

A Kellogg’s spokesperson tells Simplemost these new waffle flavors will be in stores nationwide beginning in April or May. Kellogg’s does not say, however, whether they are for a limited time or a permanent addition, so it’s a good idea to grab a box as soon as you see them, just in case.

Eggos Without The Toaster?

Eggo also just released its first ever toaster-less waffles. New Eggo Grab & Go Liège-Style Waffles were created with busy parents in mind, as they are not only made for taking on-the-go, but they’re also individually wrapped so they can be quickly thrown into a lunchbox or purse.

The waffles, which are inspired by a classic Belgian street food, feature a golden brioche dough and are baked through with crunchy bits of pearl sugar. They thaw in under an hour and can be warmed in the toaster or eaten at room temperature, no syrup needed.

Made with real butter and no artificial colors or flavors, Eggo Grab & Go will be available nationwide beginning in April in two flavors: Buttery Maple and Strawberry.

Kellogg Company

Kellogg’s has been making more than just new types of waffles recently, as the food giant has put out new Pop-Tarts that are also inspired by a beloved bakery treat.

New Snickerdoodle Pop-Tarts are are filled with the flavors of those beloved ooey-gooey, cinnamon-y cookies, combining a snickerdoodle-flavored filling with a crunchy cinnamon-sugar topping — no baking required. They join Pop-Tarts’ other cookie flavors, including Frosted Chocolate Chip and Cookies & Crème.

Kellogg Company

Which dessert-inspired treat will you be adding to your mornings?

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