This New Fitness Band Tells You When You’re Dehydrated

There is one thing every health kick, diet plan and body cleanse has in common. They all tout the importance of drinking water. So we go out and grab a new water bottle or straw cup in an effort to inspire us to do better. Yet somehow in the busyness of the day we keep forgetting to pick up that cup and take a drink. (Or if you’re like me, you instantly lose track of it and are constantly searching for it—if you think of it at all.) Well no more. Just like the Fitbit has reminded everyone to keep moving during the day, this LVL tracker will remind you to keep drinking.

The tracker monitors your fluid levels in real time taking your sweat rate into account. It will then calculate the exact number of ounces you need to drink for optimal performance. For example, “Drink 190z before today’s workout for a 4-5% performance boost.” This way you know exactly what you are giving up if you don’t hydrate.

LVL is the first wearable tracker that uses infrared light to monitor your hydration levels. It even vibrates to let you know that your hydration levels are getting low and it’s time to take a drink. Of course it still has all the classic features keeping you aware of heart rate, activity, sleep patterns, calories and your mood.

Production of the LVL band isn’t projected to hit full scale until June of 2017, but you can reserve your tracker and/or back the project by checking out their Kickstarter page. There you will find all of the cool details about this latest incarnation of the now ubiquitous fitness tracker.