Forever 21 To Open Beauty And Home Good Boutiques In Select Locations

Forever 21
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The beauty industry is booming, as evidenced by Ulta’s continued growth, and there’s about to be a new player in the mix.

Forever 21 is expanding into the beauty sector and is opening its Riley Rose beauty boutique in select locations, and you’re not going to want to miss out on what the retailer has to offer.

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“Forever 21 is always ready to expand into new concepts, and [will] open stores in 13 of their top tier locations,” Do Won Chang, CEO of Forever 21 said in a statement. “These new, experiential spaces will be focused on accessories, cosmetics and home goods for the millennial consumer. We will open 10 stores in 2017, and follow up with three more in 2018.”

So, if you thought you loved Forever 21 for their trendy clothing, get ready to love the retailer even more.

Forever 21

Matte Eyeshadow Palette, $8.90, Forever 21

They already have beauty items available for purchase online, but giving the option to shop these products in person will deliver perhaps an even better shopping experience for those hoping to test products, see shades in real life, etc. before making a purchase. (In fact, this self-service method found in stores like T.J. Maxx is proving so successful that Macy’s is shifting it’s beauty and shoe departments to this format.)

Forever 21

Avatara Get Out Face Mask Set, $9, Forever 21

You can expect to see Riley Rose in 13 locations, beginning as early as this year. They are partnering with retail real estate company GGP, which owns and operates 127 retail properties in 40 states.

Will this all-new beauty store open up at a location near you? Only time will tell, but it’s definitely worth getting excited about, even if a road trip is involved to reach one of these destinations.

And while you’re waiting for Riley Rose to open up, you can start shopping the beauty items Forever 21 has available online to hold you over because affordable makeup is hard to pass up.

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