New Fruity Pebbles Crisps are the size of potato chips

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If you’re a Fruity Pebbles fan, your tastebuds are about to get a serious treat. Hitting store shelves now, new Pebbles Crisps are about the same size as a potato chip, meaning they’re made for snacking, not for pouring in a cereal bowl. (Though no one says you can’t do that too!)

The new snack, which is available in both Fruity and Cocoa varieties, is perfect for dipping in milk like a cookie or just popping in your mouth for a quick snack. A 6-ounce package retails for around $3.99 at grocery stores nationwide.



You can also find Honeycomb Big Bites and Chocolate Honeycomb Big Bites if those are more your taste. But, if you just can’t get enough Pebbles, there are a few other new products you’ll want to put on your radar, too.

Along with pouring yourself a bowl of Pebbles for breakfast, you can also enjoy the flavors in your morning coffee with International Delight’s new Pebbles coffee creamers. In both cocoa and fruity flavors, the creamers are available for a limited time in stores nationwide for around $3.29 for a 32-ounce container (Walmart has both the Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles version for $3.18 each). A 1 tablespoon serving has just 35 calories.

International Delight

Beginning in March, you will also be able to add Pebbles to your dessert, as Duncan Hines will be releasing a Fruity Pebbles Cake Kit that includes cake, frosting and topping.

Priced at around $5.49 per box, each kit includes confetti cake mix, Fruity Pebbles-flavored frosting and, of course, Pebbles cereal for sprinkling on top of the cake.

Duncan Hines

Inspired by the popular TV show “The Flintstones,” Pebbles cereal was the first brand ever created around a media character. Since its creation, Post says 1.4 billion bowls of the cereal are eaten each year.

Are you a Pebbles fan? Do you prefer Cocoa or Fruity?

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