This New Glitter Trend Is The Strangest One We’ve Seen In Awhile


The latest trend that none of us asked for is the glitter booty. It’s just what it sounds like: thousands of the sparkly flakes plastered to your behind. But why on earth is this A Thing? And who started it, anyway?

It’s all thanks to artist Mia Kennington. Kennington was inspired by the look you get from spending too much time sitting in the sand. So yes, this idea was inspired by having sand plastered to your tush. The brainchild came about during an excursion to the Beyond Sahara festival in Morocco.

“We were in bikinis and were getting sand all over our butts anyway, so we were like, ‘Well, what if we enhance this?’ So we just did loads and loads of glitter,” Kennington told Cosmopolitan in an interview.

Kennington is part of a group called The Gypsy Shrine. The Gypsy Shrine is a collective of artists who host pop-up opportunities at festivals for face art, hair braiding and other body art… such as the glitter booty.

Kennington has been posting her creations on Instagram and the results have been mostly positive. A majority of commenters are calling Kennington’s work “unreal!” and responding with heart-eye emojis.

?FRIDAY FEELING?GET SPARKLY❤️✨!!!!! #glitterbooty ?

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If you think this trend is a lot to handle, just keep in mind that The Gypsy Shrine first made waves for their “festival-famous glitter boobs.” They’re exactly what they sound like.

And honestly, although this latest trend is extremely excessive and somewhat weird, it’s no grosser than the glitter armpit trend, and significantly less annoying than the hipster glitter beard trend.

One thing I will say is this is an activity best left to the professionals. Everyone knows that once you drop a single flake of glitter it will multiply by a thousand and stick to everything you own, forever, whether you like it or not.

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