Hooters Is Opening A Restaurant With Male Servers, Less Focus On Skimpy Uniforms


The famed boobs-n-beer wings restaurant, Hooters, is set to open a restaurant employing male staff (OK, co-ed to be exact), in a move that will finally answer that much considered question: Does anyone really go to Hooters just for the food?

According to the Tampa Bay Times, one franchisee of the Clearwater-based restaurant chain is looking to emulate the fast-casual scene that continues to gain popularity among diners. Think Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle and other similar eateries. The chain is expected to open just one of these eateries, dubbed “Hoots,” in mid-February. The restaurant will be located in a Chicago suburb.

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The menu at Hoots will be a one-page, scaled-down version of the original menu. It will feature some of the most popular items from the regular Hooters restaurants, including classic chicken wings and more.


The new location will be in Cicero, Illinois, and will have 75 seats and a full-service bar (what are wings without beer?). Customers will order at the counter, whether taking out or dining in.


One huge change: The male restaurant staff won’t be outfitted in revealing clothes like their female counterparts at traditional Hooters. In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, spokeswoman Lizz Harmon said Hoots won’t rely on revealing uniforms and there will be both male and female servers at the counter. There will, however, be one full-service section of the restaurant servicing 12 seats. It’s unclear if the classic orange short shorts and skin-tight white tank tops will be seen there.

“We are very supportive of this initiative,” CEO Terry Marks said in a statement provided to Nation’s Restaurant News. “It’s a logical extension of the brand and will provide more people with more opportunities to enjoy our world famous wings. We have a lot to learn, but we are excited about the potential.”

So, what do you think, would you swing by Hoots next time you’re in Chicago? Or would you go elsewhere to get your buffalo wings fix?


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