New indoor game ‘Shuffle Golf’ combines shuffleboard and golf

Get the family together for the newest competitive indoor game.

Shuffle Golf, which was developed in Centennial, Colo., is now available through Walmart’s website.

Just as the name suggests, it’s a combination of shuffleboard and miniature golf.

“When people start playing, they realize how challenging the game is,” said Jeff Storey, the founder of parent company i-Play. “But, the rules are so simple on how to learn.”

Prior to the pandemic, i-Play created interactive games for kids.

“We have these floor projection games, table projection games, that are all interactive,” Storey said.

But seeing a need for more at-home entertainment, and noticing a gap in the golf game market, Storey and his team entered Shuffle Golf into Walmart’s open call for U.S.-manufactured products, an effort by the retail giant to inject millions into America’s small businesses. Shuffle Golf won distribution out of 5,000 submissions.

“The buyer recognized the concept is cool,” Storey said. “It’s different. It’s a quality game. It’s made in America. And, that’s exactly what Walmart is doing today.”

The game uses a vibrant carpet mat, which allows for two-way putting, has various scoring sections around the green, and includes negative scores for sand and water hazards. Plus, you can knock your opponent’s ball off the course.

“It’s a great educational tool for math for young kids,” Storey said. “And, parents now are having to teach their kids and home school and so forth.”

But, Storey said the game is great for all ages and all skill levels. And, it can get competitive.

“Now, (families) have a new game to play, outside your Bocce Ball, or Monopoly, or all these different traditional games,” Storey said. “It’s a new game for families to engage in.”

Shuffle Golf is available through

By Brian Sanders, The Denver Channel.