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New M&M’s Taste Just Like Harry Potter’s Butterbeer

White chocolate with butterscotch? Don't mind if we do.

On the heels of other exciting Harry Potter news (special edition titles and a London exhibition) comes this news for M&M’s fans (and Harry Potter fans) everywhere. There’s a new Halloween edition line of M&M’s on its way, and they’re called BOO-terscotch!


Well, of course they are.

Here’s the Potter-rific part, says they taste just like the Harry Potter favorite “Butterbeer.” There’s no stated connection between these and the recently released Harry Potter & The Cursed Child book or the November movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but you never know.

These Target-exclusive M&M’s are made of white chocolate with a butterscotch flavoring. They’ll start rolling out to Target stores soon, joining other fall favorites like Candy Corn, a crispy S’mores flavor and the Walmart-exclusive pecan pie-flavored M&M’s. Mmmm.


And did someone say Butterbeer? Here’s how to whip some up of your very own:

h/t: Good Housekeeping

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