If you’re obsessed with cats, you need to watch this new Netflix documentary about cat shows

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Whether you love cats or you simply love heartwarming, hilarious documentaries, Netflix’s new “Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit” is for you.

The documentary follows the cat-show circuit and, more specifically, two frenemies, Shirley and Kim, as they strive to ensure their feline beauties are named best in show. At the outset, it may seem as if this new offering is just an opportunity to giggle and gawk as reluctant felines strut their stuff on the catwalk but, much like Netflix’s popular “Dogs” series, in the end, the documentary reveals to us our humanity and the ties that bind us, not just to our pets, but also to each other.

No wonder the show has gained such a massive following. It’s the perfect program to warm you up from the inside out during this polar vortex.

Or at least that’s what viewers seem to think. Twitter user @mevia_ergo, for example, found that the show made her want to change the course of her entire life:

Twitter user @stephemcneal, meanwhile, posted a still from the show that reflected her feelings perfectly:

Shirley and Kim, the two cat-moms featured on “Catwalk,” have also become mini-celebrities thanks to their compelling appearance on the documentary. And their cats, Oh La La (a red Persian) and Bobby (a Turkish Angora) have led to a social media firestorm with people choosing either #TeamBobby or #TeamOhLaLa.

Twitter user @dana_berube is firmly on #TeamOhLaLa:

While Twitter user @KatFitzpatrick is all about #TeamBobby:

And Netflix? Well, they’ve referred to Oh La La as the “beyonce of cats” on their Instagram feed, so make of that what you will:


Kim Langille, who has been a feature on the cat show circuit for the last 12 years, wrote a first-person essay for Metro in which she explained how she feels about the documentary and whether it was truly reflective of the reality of cat shows.

“They showed us as real people, not only with a passion for cats — which, yes, a lot of people will say is crazy — but as people who have a lot more going on than just their pets,” writes Langille. “It has absolutely changed my life — I’ve even been asked to audition for a lead role in a film, but unfortunately my schedule didn’t fit with the film’s plans.”

Too bad! But let’s hope she makes time for a sequel to “Catwalk,” should we be so lucky to get one. Until then, grab your favorite floof and snuggle on the couch for some furry family fun.

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