’90s Kids, Rejoice: New ‘Rugrats’ TV series and movie officially in the works

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Hold on to those diapers because the “Rugrats” gang is coming back!

Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures announced Monday that a revival of the beloved 1990s cartoon is officially in the works. The “Rugrats” reboot will include a new 26-episode season featuring everyone’s favorite toddlers: Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Susie and Angelica, along with some new faces.

A fourth film based on the cartoon — this time, a live-action flick using CGI characters — is also in production and set for release on Nov. 13, 2020.


“Now feels like the ideal time to reintroduce this iconic cast of characters to a whole new generation of young fans,” Brian Robbins, president of Paramount Players, said in a statement. “Kids who grew up with Tommy Pickles and the Rugrats crew will now be able to share that experience with their own children.”

People who grew up with “Rugrats” can’t wait to reunite with the gang of toddler misfits, and many nostalgic fans took to social media to share their excitement. One Twitter user, @littlekev811, wrote that he’s happy that his “childhood is back.”


Rugrats isn’t the only classic ’90s kids’ show to receive the reboot treatment. Nickelodeon recently brought back “Double Dare” with an all-new 40-episode season, and the network also announced a “Blues Clues” revival back in March.

A date for the “Rugrats” new 26-episode run has yet to be set.

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