New Car Seat Alerts You When A Child Is Still In The Car

Far too often we hear tragic stories of children being left in hot cars. It is unimportant if the parents are overtired and distracted, or simply neglectful. What matters is how we are going to stop these easily preventable deaths.

The latest solution developed by Evenflo is a SensorSafe car seat. This car seat incorporates the sensor right into the chest clip of the seat. There’s a wireless receiver that connects to the car, which will cause the car seats sensor to chime when the car is turned off or if the clip is unfastened while the car is in motion. These chimes are supposed to remind parents that the child is there and to take them with them when they get out.


Most parents can’t see themselves ever leaving their child behind in a car and are therefore unlikely to invest in an extra safety feature. However, according to Consumer Reports, each year an average of 37 children die of heat stroke after being left behind in the car.

The Evenflo SensorSafe clip connects with your car to sound an alarm if the car is off and the clip has not been undone.

So is this new technology going to solve the problem? The answer is potentially. At this point it is only available in the Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe Embrace DLX, one of hundreds of car seats on the market. Also there are still some kinks being worked out such as the fact that it will only work in cars from 2008 or newer. But Evenflo has gotten the ball rolling and will hopefully challenge other manufacturers to integrate this same technology in their products.

Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat with SensorSafe retails for $149.00 exclusively at Walmart