Olaf from ‘Frozen’ has a brand-new song about social distancing

Just like the rest of us, Olaf from “Frozen” is dealing with a wide range of emotions right now, and he’s trying his best to stay busy and remain positive in the face of the massive changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

First, Josh Gad, who voices the lovable character in the popular Disney films, began reading bedtime stories via live stream on Twitter each night. Next, Disney released “At Home With Olaf,” a series of animated shorts featuring everyone’s favorite snowman.

The latest installment in the series is a poignant new song, titled “I Am With You,” which was written by “Frozen” songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Gad recorded the new tune from his home.

Check it out in the video posted to YouTube by Walt Disney Animation Studios:


The song’s lyrics remind us that while we may be unable to see our loved ones in person for the time being, they’re still with us in our hearts:

“I wish there was a looking glass that we could see each other through/Maybe one day they’ll discover it/And you’ll see me and I’ll see you,” he sings. “But ’till they do/I am with you with this music/I am with you with this rhyme/I am with you if you need me/Any moment/Any time/I am with you/And you’re with me.”


In between scenes of Olaf belting out the song to a deserted Arendelle, the video includes clips from a number of other classic Disney animated films, including “Moana,” “Lady and the Tramp,” “Tarzan,” “101 Dalmatians,” “Alice in Wonderland” and more, further enforcing the message that we’re all connected — even when we’re apart from each other.

Gad tweeted out the video as well, letting fans know that he’s grateful to share this message of hope with them, calling it “a love letter to all of you from us”:

How sweet! We’re so so glad we have Olaf here to cheer us up during these trying times.