Sprite is launching a new flavor made with lemonade

Because the good people of Coca-Cola can’t seem to stop tinkering with their products, another new flavor of Sprite hit the market in February. But it’s a lot less exotic than the company’s other concoctions — it’s called Lymonade, and it takes its inspiration from the kitchens of amateur mixologists.

For years, folks have added Sprite to their lemonade recipes. Just like in punch, the Sprite (or 7Up) gives the lemonade a little lift. A hit of pizzazz. The Coca-Cola people got wind of it and whipped up Sprite Lymonade.

Even though it sounds crazy-sweet, the new flavor has slightly fewer calories and carbs than original Sprite: 220 calories and 59 grams of carbohydrate for a 20-ounce bottle, versus 240 calories and 64 grams carbs for the same amount of regular Sprite.

Indeed, “clarified lemon juice from concentrate” is the third listed ingredient on the label. Tart!

Sprite has signed supercool hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd to promote the new flavor. In videos posted on Sprite’s official Twitter account, the two stars sample the drink on camera:

“Taste a lot of lemon,” Slim Jxmmi says after a couple of sips. “It’s making my eyes water.”

The brand’s even created a hashtag, #FirstSyps, to get people posting videos and pics of their first Lymonade encounters.

According to Coca-Cola’s press site, Sprite Lymonade should now be available most anywhere you’d buy pop. In March, Lymonade and its zero-sugar version will be added to Coke Freestyle — the self-serve soda fountains where you can make your own mixes. Which means you can blend the Lymonade with a bunch of other flavors.

Cherry Sprite Lymonade with a twist of vanilla, anyone?