Starbucks Has A New Drink: The Cloud Macchiato

Get ready to feel like you’re floating on air because Starbucks’ latest drink is the Cloud Macchiato. Yup, starting on March 5, you can try out this brand-new beverage that comes in caramel or cinnamon flavors. It consists of a light, airy “cloud” of cold milk foam, topped with espresso shots and a caramel drizzle. Yum!

The Cloud Macchiato is available hot or iced, and if you’re a fan of Ariana Grande, you’ll love the drink even more.  It seems the pop star teamed up with the coffee company to develop this otherworldy drink.

“We’ve long been fans of Ariana Grande’s and were excited to work with her to celebrate our shared love of clouds,” a Starbucks spokesperson said, according to CNN.

Grande took to Twitter to promote the launch of the drink. She shared some photos of herself sipping it while dressed in the iconic green Starbucks barista smock:

The Cloud Macchiato is inspired by a centuries-old Spanish drink leche merengada, or “meringue milk,” which is popular in the cafes of Barcelona. Starbucks’ drink uses egg whites to create the fluffy foam.

“The original Spanish beverage combines cinnamon and lemon zest, with a frothy texture which inspired us to reinvent the beverage as a macchiato,” Erin Marinan, a member of Starbucks’ research and development team, said in a press release. “The texture of the Cloud Macchiato is luxurious and by adding espresso and our Starbucks signature caramel cross-hatch, we’re making it ours and opening up even more ways we can bring new beverage experiences to our customers.”

Starbucks also hit Twitter with a flurry of tweets with references to Grande and clouds. The one below promises the new drinks are “so light and fluffy, they’re basically a cloud in a cup”:

The drink already has its share of fans. Twitter user @Josyy_G posted that her barista is probably tired of her ordering them:

And @solangiemarie posted a pic of her Cloud Macchiato, writing, “I’m still on cloud 9, it was so good”:

Will you give the Cloud Macchiato a try?