New subscribers can score a deal on their first Blue Apron order

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Cooking a fresh, healthy dinner every night can be easier said than done. But when the best ingredients are delivered right to your door, it definitely makes the meal prep process much more doable.

If you find yourself scrambling to cook dinner throughout the week, you might want to consider subscribing to a food service, especially now that Blue Apron’s offering a great deal to first-time subscribers.

Blue Apron

When you purchase a meal plan consisting of three meals for two people via stacksocial, you can get it for just $25! A meal plan like this typically retails for $59.94, so this is quite the savings opportunity. And you also have the option of getting two meals for four people for $33, instead of the original $71.92.

These deals expire on June 29, so make sure you’ve placed your order before then to take advantage of this dinner-made-easy offer.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Blue Apron is a service that delivers meals—recipes, ingredients and all—right to your doorstep on a weekly basis. (They even offer wine!)

Blue Apron

You can choose what type of meals to receive (i.e. vegetarian, etc.), how many people you’re feeding and more in order to personalize the box to suit you and your family. You’re also able to preview the menu each week on the Blue Apron website.

For example, for the week of June 26, you’d receive packages equipped to prepare cod and tomatillo salsa with summer squash and sweet potato hash as well as fresh mozzarella pizza and romaine salad.

Blue Apron

This deal applies to just one purchase per customer, though a heads up: When you order, you’re also automatically subscribing to Blue Apron, and will begin receiving (and being charged for) weekly deliveries.

This is still not a bad deal, as you can skip any week you’d like, but it’s important to note that Blue Apron is a subscription service, and this is not a one-time purchase.

Interested in saving money and eating well? Then go ahead and subscribe to Blue Apron while this deal lasts!