Subway’s newest sandwiches are a hearty take on grilled cheese

Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food, perfect for a rainy day and quick to make when you’re crunched for time. It is not exactly a well-balanced meal, though, so Subway has come up with a more substantial version of the classic food.

The sandwich chain has just added Fresh Melts to its menu, which are essentially grown-up grilled cheeses. The new addition turns any footlong into a gooey, grilled sandwich with a triple portion of melty cheese.

While all footlong sandwiches can be turned into a Fresh Melt for $1, Subway has also created a few new sandwiches intended to be extra-melty: Ham & Cheese, Tuna and Steak & Cheese.


The Ham & Cheese Melt combines Black Forest ham, tomato and Swiss cheese, while the Tuna Melt takes tuna and blends it with mayo, fresh onion and melty provolone cheese. The Steak & Cheese Melt is loaded with melted cheese, steak, onions and peppers.

Subway is also offering a BOGO deal to celebrate the new sandwiches. Just purchase a Fresh Melt online or through the Subway App and a second Fresh Melt will be 50% off with promo code BOGO50 at participating restaurants.

If ordering via Subway’s app or online, you can take advantage of contactless curbside pick-up and delivery. What’s better than a couple of warm, melty sandwiches delivered to your door?


If you’re a big Subway fan and also looking for a new job, Subway has announced that they’re looking to hire 40,000 new employees this month to become a part of their 20,000 Subway restaurant teams across the United States.

The sandwich chain is looking to fill multiple positions, from entry-level roles to management jobs. If you’re interested in joining the team of sandwich artists at Subway, visit Subway’s website to see a list of current job openings in your area, or text SUBHIRE to 242424.

Will you be trying Subway’s new Fresh Melts?