New Trend In China Sells ‘Fresh Air’ To Tourists

We always say that the best things in life are free – technically that should include the air we breathe. But not this is not the case in southern China’s Guangdong Province, where locals prove that an “air-for-sale” scheme is actually a legitimate business.

After days of smoggy weather in Guangdong Province, city dwellers flock to the mountain side on weekends for a breath of fresh air. Here they are met by vendors literally selling fresh air.

Stalls with bags of “fresh air” were displayed for sale — vendors claimed to have collected the air from “the depths of the mountain.”

For Urban Women

One of the posters written in the local language, when translated, “Purchasing clean air is purchasing a healthy life.”

Priced between 10 to 30 yuan ($1.50 – $4.60 USD) some tourists were seen buying these air bags and breathing fresh air which proves to be a luxury on smoggy days.

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