This New University Building Looks Unfortunately Like An Oversized Toilet

Drone images of a new university building in China have been released, and the building seems to look quite similar to a toilet.

The building is part of the North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power in Zhengzhou, China, and will house a student employment center, according to the People’s Daily Online.


Online commenters in China have mixed opinions about whether the architect intended for the building to resemble a toilet or the result was unintentional. Curiously, China outlawed “weird” architecture earlier this year. Some of the recent building designs in the country have been pretty inventive, with shapes ranging from a boot, to a pair of trousers, to an egg. While many of the unconventional designs were celebrated, some were mocked.

Since the new directive states that any “oversized, xenocentric, weird” building designs wouldn’t be approved for construction, we are guessing this commode-like building’s designs were approved well before the new law.