Wendy’s is turning its chocolate Frosty into a new breakfast cereal


If you’ve ever ordered your waffles a la mode, you know how much better breakfast is when it’s served with a side of ice cream.

You no longer have to order out or make a fancy meal to get the taste of ice cream at breakfast, however, as Kellogg’s has teamed up with Wendy’s to create a new cereal that’s sure to please your sweet tooth. Wendy’s Frosty Chocolatey Cereal transforms the fast-food chain’s icy dessert into a cereal with chocolate-flavored marshmallow pieces and cocoa-coated cereal bites.

The new cereal will hit store shelves in December and each box includes a coupon for a free small Frosty or Frosty-ccino (a Frosty mixed with cold brew coffee) with any Wendy’s app purchase.


While this is the first collaboration for Kellogg’s and Wendy’s, it’s not the first time a dessert and cereal have combined flavors. Kellogg’s also makes Little Debbie oatmeal creme pie cereal and Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies cereal.

Post and Hostess also once made Honey Bun cereal, Donettes cereal and Twinkies cereal, while General Mills has Dunkaroos cereal and Hometown Food Company has Pillsbury Funfetti cereal.

This holiday season, you can also find a new Elf on the Shelf cereal that probably has a similar flavor to Wendy’s cereal, as it tastes like hot cocoa. And there’s the new Apple Pie Toast Crunch, which combines the holiday dessert flavor of apple pie with Cinnamon Toast Crunch for a cinnamon apple pie flavor.

General Mills

You can always make your own dessert-inspired cereal, too, like this cookie cereal, which involves baking mini chocolate chip cookies and then putting them in a bowl with milk.

There was also a whole pancake cereal craze during the early months of pandemic lockdown. Remember that? This mostly just meant that people were making tiny pancakes and eating them out of a bowl with butter and syrup.

Do you like starting your day with sweet flavors for breakfast?


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