Woman Shares Why She Adopted Dog After Her Husband’s Sudden Death

You can always count on the Humans of New York Facebook page to leave you needing a box of tissues after reading one of their emotional stories. The blog is dedicated to capturing the real, intimate details of the lives of everyday people, which run the gamut of emotions from joyful to sad and sometimes downright heartbreaking. One woman’s story about the sudden loss of her husband and her subsequent adoption of a dog is no different.

The woman, identified as Rachel, shared:

“My husband had a sudden heart attack a few months ago. It was just a few blocks from here. They called me in to identify his body and then just let me walk right out onto 7th Avenue. I felt so lost. My friends were wonderful and supportive but eventually everyone moves on with their lives. I don’t have children. And I’m not a workaholic. So I was left with this intense loneliness and void. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep.”

Rachel described how she began to research which breeds of dogs were best for dealing with grief and depression. She saw poodles suggested repeatedly, but when she went to a rescue fair, no poodles were left. Then she spotted an old, scared dog that nobody seemed to be paying attention to, and she realized that she and that dog are meant to be together.

“She seemed so fragile. She reminded me of myself. I named her Grace because I think my husband sent her to me. She’s my first dog. She’s been pure joy. We spend all our time together. She’s gained her weight back. She comes with me to therapy. We’re getting better together,” she explained.

What a beautiful story! It’s evident from the photo that Rachel and Grace share a lot of love for each other.

People on Facebook couldn’t get enough of this touching story of a dog and human who seemed to rescue each other. The post has been shared nearly 50,000 times.

“This is one of the most beautiful HONY posts ever. So glad you found each other. Rescue dogs are the best,” read one comment.

“I love seeing stories about people adopting dogs they need as much as the dog needs them. And senior pets are the best!” said another.

We’re glad these two found each other!

[H/t Humans of New York]