This Newborn Photo Shoot With A French Bulldog is Almost Too Cute For Words

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Parents love celebrating their newborns with a photo shoot, but what about parents to fur babies? It’s high time they got in on the newborn photo shoot action, and this photo series featuring a French bulldog puppy will prove it.

The photographer behind So Cute Photo, Brenden Boggs, had a friend who was gifted a French bulldog puppy named Olive, who is just too cute. Check out her sweet puppy face in this sweet photo below:

Given how cute she is, it’s no surprise Boggs was inspired to create a photo shoot, just as she would for clients with a newborn baby. Of course, the puppy’s owner was interested in making this happen.

Who wouldn’t be when you have a dog who is as cute as this one?!

Olive already has an Instagram account, so her human mom posted one of Bogg’s photos from the shoot — and they’re basically the most adorable photos you’ll ever see.

She is the cutest thing in her flower crown:

“Mommy always asks me, ‘are you the cutest?’ Now I can confidently answer yes. Yes, I am the cutest,” the puppy’s Instagram caption read.

Boggs posted another photo on So Cute’s Instagram account, and just look how snuggly little Olive is:

And finally, Olive’s mom also posted this one, where poses in a small white box. “Who’s the cutest?? I’m the cutest!” she wrote in the caption of the image — and honestly, we have to agree. She really is!

Boggs gushed about the opportunity to work with Olive in a blog post. “I get to photograph this adorably little French bulldog puppy and get puppy snuggles. My heart was full all day,” she wrote.

And to all those interested in making this a trend, the photographer is definitely open to it.

“If anyone else wants to bring me their puppy to do newborn photographs, I’m here — just sayin’,” she wrote in the blog post.

This isn’t the first time that dogs have been part of a photo shoot tradition typically reserved for humans. In fact, two dogs, Sebastian and Luna, got “engaged” and had a precious photo shoot to celebrate their love.

As you can tell from the photos that were posted to their joint Instagram account, the photo session turned out to be the sweetest thing you could ever imagine:

The pair of pups timed their engagement photos to take place during a cherry blossom bloom — how perfect:

Even their indoors photos looked adorable. How cute are these two snuggling on a doggy bed in front of red balloons that spell out the word, “love?”

And here the pair are in their “wedding” outfits. As the owner joked in the caption of the photo, “A Sebastian and Luna wedding photo has leaked, they eloped.”

You can easily create special memories that you’ll cherish forever with your pets if you have the right equipment. All you need is your dog or cat and the best camera for your budget — and maybe a treat or two to get them to cooperate long enough to snap a picture.


And, you can create photo shoots to commemorate birthdays, engagements and all of the milestones your pet will have in the most adorable way.

With little Olive, Sebastian and Luna as inspiration, there’s no way your photos won’t turn out absolutely amazing.


Bring on the puppy pics — because we can’t get enough of ’em!

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