This newborn’s burrito-themed photo shoot is ridiculously cute


Meeting at Qdoba changed the course of their lives.

Jessica and Joshua Schuster, now husband and wife, met when she started her new job at Qdoba and he came in to order a burrito. Joshua had no idea he’d meet the girl of his dreams while ordering fast food. But considering he was quite smitten with Jessica, he proceeded to keep coming back to the location to order  Qdoba — and kept asking her out.

“I thought it was off how much he was eating there, then he had asked me out,” Jessica told PopSugar. “I politely declined and he continued to ask me out daily until I finally gave in. So Qdoba pretty much laid the foundation of our future!”

And the rest is history!

Adding to Jessica’s three other children from a previous relationship, the Milwaukee couple welcomed a little bundle of joy of their own, a son named Sebastian, on May 13.

When it came time for a newborn photoshoot, the couple couldn’t resist showing off their own little burrito. So the couple enlisted Jessica’s sister, Sarah Swihart, a photographer, to make their Qdoba-themed dream shoot a reality.

Boy, did she really nail it! You can see the end result on the Sarah Swihart Photography Facebook page:

Swihart told NBC’s “Today” that while you can purchase a blanket that looks like a tortilla online, none of them would arrive in time for her sister’s due date, so she actually wound up making the blanket herself.

She completed the burrito look by wrapping Sebastian’s lower half in an actual burrito sheet from Qdoba, and of course, she used Qdoba chips, guacamole, salsa, and more as props.

The final shot was so impressive, that Qdoba shared the image on their Instagram account and congratulated the couple on their burrito baby!

“A whole new meaning to #BurritoBaby! Congratulations to Qdoba (639 W Layton Ave, Milwaukee) manager Jessica and her family on baby Sebastian,” the company wrote:

The couple could have never imagined this photo shoot would get as much attention as it did, but the father told Simplemost in an email that he couldn’t be more excited about it for his baby boy:

“His photo shoot going viral is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait till he gets older so I can show it to him,” Joshua wrote.

The Schusters also paid homage to Joshua’s part-time job at Domino’s with a pizza-themed shoot, which was also posted to Swihart’s Facebook page:

The dad also told Simplemost there aren’t plans for more food-themed photos of Sebastian in the works just yet, but if there were to be — that’d be fine by us because he’s so cute, you could just eat him up!

Correction: A previous version of this article misspelled Sebastian’s last name. We regret the error.

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