These Newlyweds Had The Residents Of A Senior Living Facility As Their Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

Valentine's Day Wedding
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It’s never too late to find true love.

Just ask Sherry and Gary Antweiler, who recently got married after finding each other late in life. Sherry is 68 and her new husband Gary is 71 — proof that everyone can find their special someone, even if it takes a little longer than expected.

But their story gets even sweeter.

The couple held their wedding at Brookdale North Boulder, a senior living community in Boulder, Colorado, where Sherry works as director of sales and marketing. But clearly the residents of the community are more than just the people she sees everyday when she comes to work.

“The decision to have the wedding here was very simple,” the bride told the Daily Camera. “I would not get married without my loved ones and my family present. And this is my family, so there was no decision to be made.”

Even better? Residents of the retirement community were in the wedding party, including a woman named Joy Ownby who served as the flower girl.

Other residents were bridesmaids and groomsmen — and they even decorated their walkers for the occasion!

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The ceremony was all about finding love at any age. There was even an a cappella performance of Frank Sinatra’s “Young at Heart” during the ceremony.

The community invited all of its residents and other guests to attend the ceremony, which was held in the facility’s north atrium.

The atrium was decorated beautifully for the ceremony, as you can see below. Red streamers criss-crossed the room and if you look closely, you’ll see signs hung on the walls read “Forever Young” and “It’s Never Too Late.” We couldn’t agree more!

The newlyweds were introduced by a friend and quickly became inseparable. Just two months after meeting, they got engaged. Hey, when you know, you know!

The couple planned their wedding so that their special day would coincide with Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love.

Residents Participate In Pre-Wedding Activities

Residents and staff at Brookdale North Boulder were involved in the wedding festivities from the beginning.

They attended bachelor and bachelorette parties at the facility a week before the wedding.

As you can see, Sherry’s party had a Marilyn Monroe theme and Gary’s featured a “classic crooner” by the name of Mister Tim:

Here’s the sweet couple counting down the days until their nuptials:

Sherry has worked at the facility for the last four years, and quickly formed deep bonds with all of its residents.

“I don’t like to leave in the evening, and coming in in the morning, it’s with all smiles. I can’t wait to get here,” she told the Daily Camera.

Hugs A Regular Occurence

Clearly, Brookdale is a special place. According to its website, the independent living facility offers resort-style amenities, scenic views, award-winning programs and regular activities.

Then there’s this little gem near the end of the Daily Camera’s story that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this sweet community: All residents, guests, staff and family members are required to “give and receive at least seven hugs per day.” If that isn’t the best policy ever, I don’t know what is.

You can view a full video of Sherry and Gary’s wedding on the facility’s Facebook page. Just try to watch this without smiling and/or tearing up! The senior attendants start walking down the aisle at around the 1:15 mark of the video:

Sherry & Gary’s Valentine’s Day Wedding Brookdale North Boulder!

Posted by Brookdale Senior Living on Wednesday, February 14, 2018


View even more adorable photos from the wedding, taken by Daily Camera photographer Cliff Grassmick, on the newspaper’s website. Anyone else need a tissue?

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