Netflix Releases 5-Minute Videos To Help End Bedtime Disputes With Kids

What’s the classic line when you tell a kid that it’s time for bed?

“Aww come on, 5 more minutes…please!?!?!”

Apparently, wanting to stay up translates across all languages and countries. In a survey of over over 7,200 parents across the globe, 61% of parents said their kids try to stall before going to bed. And 79% said they spend up to 20 minutes each night trying to get them into their pj’s and under the covers.

But parents, you can now rejoice. Now when your kids whine and stall at bedtime, you can say “OK,” and silently give Netflix a fist bump in the process, as it has recently released 5 minute episodes of the show, Dinotrux.

Why the condensed version of this popular TV show? They wanted to give parents a bargaining chip. The episodes are titled, Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.44.03 PM

In a press release on November 3rd, 2015, Netflix said, “The three new 5 Minute Favorites, launching today on Netflix, showcase favorite scenes following the rapid adventures of Ty-Rux and Revvit as they demonstrate important lessons of teamwork and friendship – even among the unlikeliest of pairs.”

Hopefully this will help calm the chaos and arguments in your household, and encourage a little more snuggle time before bed.

Photo by theglobalpanorama