NFL Kicker Ruins His Family’s Kickball Game In Epic Way

Graham Gano might not be getting any Father’s Day gifts this year.

Well, maybe a new kickball.

The 31-year-old NFL player has more than nine years of experience kicking footballs for a living. So, when he came home this week to find his family playing kickball in the driveway, he asked if he could join in the fun.

His wife had just one rule: “Don’t kick it hard.” Watch his first at-bat below and you’ll see he didn’t exactly take that rule seriously.

On June 12, the Carolina Panthers kicker shared that clip of him ending his family’s friendly kickball game with an epic boot that sent the rubber ball soaring into some distant trees behind a fence. All they could do was watch in amazement (or annoyance) as it soared overhead and disappeared.

Gano’s video of his ruthless kick has been viewed about 3 million times since he first tweeted it. More than 84,000 people have liked it … but I’m guessing his wife wasn’t one of them.

graham gano kick photo
Getty Images | Patrick Smith

In the video, you can see the Pro Bowler running the bases and saying, “Home run, baby!” while one of his kids is incredulous.

A Twitter user tried to take Gano down a peg, alleging his home run “doesn’t count” because in the video he appeared to miss touching third base (possibly the red object on the driveway).

But Gano shot back, “Third base was in chalk sonny son son.”

Leave it to Dad to ruin the fun for everyone else!