NFL player Torrey Smith pays adoption fees for 46 shelter animals


Torrey Smith is a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. He’s also, clearly, an incredible friend to animals.

Smith just paid the adoption fees for 46 dogs and cats currently living in an animal shelter. They’ll all go to loving homes, free of charge. Everyone say it with me: awww!

NFL Player Shows His “Soft Side”

Torrey’s donation came as a result of the fifth annual Pawject Runway event. Pawject Runway is a yearly fundraiser hosted by the Baltimore-based anti-animal cruelty campaign Show Your Soft Side (SYSS.) This program finds professional athletes, actors and other model citizens who love animals and turns them into “Softies”: ambassadors who promote kindness to animals.

At Pawject Runway, attendees mingle with famous athletes and actors as well as adorable animal friends. All of the dogs and cats come from BARCS, the animal shelter in Baltimore, Maryland. Plus, the event helps raise money for these homeless pets.

“You’ve got tons of athletes and celebrities there and they’re all focused on the same thing everyone else is: oohing, aahing and cuddling the cats and dogs,” SYSS co-founder Sande Riesett told TODAY in an email. “I mean really, how can you have a bad time with a drink in one hand and a puppy or a kitten in the other?”

(Spoiler alert: You can’t have a bad time; it’s impossible.)

Being A ‘Softie” Nothing New For Torrey

Torrey has been a Softie since 2012 when he played for the Baltimore Ravens. At the end of the evening, he told the crowd at Pawject Runway that he and his wife, Chanel, would cover the adoption fees for every single dog and cat at the event. His agent also matched Torrey’s generous donation to BARCS.

“When he announced that he and Chanel wanted to make this gift to ensure everyone had the opportunity to adopt an animal, and to be sure they all found good homes, the crowd went wild,” BARCS’ executive director Jennifer Brause said via a spokesperson.

“They are truly down-to-earth, good people. They have the ability to do so much for the community, both people and pets, and they give it their all,” Brause said. “People rally around that. They get excited, and they get involved.”


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