Nickelodeon is launching a Baby Shark TV show


The worldwide viral kids’ video phenomenon “Baby Shark” is still swimming away. Already having inspired various holiday-themed spin-off songs, the series of songs has now apparently led to an in-development kids’ TV show collaboration between Nickelodeon and Pinkfong.

Pinkfong is the Korean online content company owned by SmartStudy, which made the original “Baby Shark” video. In it, two cute and bubbly human kids wearing inner tubes dance along to the fast-paced and repetitive K-Pop-inspired song. The animated Baby Shark, Daddy Shark, Mommy Shark, Grandpa Shark, Grandma Shark and Aunty Shark chase after fish who (spoiler alert) are “safe at last” when the earworm of a song concludes.

The main Pinkfong YouTube song link is closing in on 3 billion views since its posting. So one can see why Nickelodeon would like to capitalize on its popularity.


“Baby Shark has captured the imagination of millions of fans around the world, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the top 10 most-viewed videos on YouTube ever,” said Ramsey Naito, Nickelodeon Animation’s executive vice president. “At the heart of any popular piece of content is a terrific character, and we have a great opportunity to further explore the world of Baby Shark and follow this family through some great animated adventures on Nickelodeon.”

Like any truly great viral song, in addition to the holiday versions, “Baby Shark” has inspired thousands of other spin-off videos and parodies, like this epic staging with James Corden, Josh Groban and Sophie Turner.

Netflix also announced planned “Baby Shark” content for its site in January, which has yet to launch.

The viral video is, of course, not limited to the screen. There’s a ton of Baby Shark merchandise out there for your obsessed kids.

And if you’ve somehow missed out on seeing the original “Baby Shark” music video that started it all, here it is and you’re welcome.

Do you think Nickelodeon needs a “Baby Shark” TV show?

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